MIE303F – Mechanical and Thermal Energy Conversion Processes

Engineering applications of thermodynamics in the analysis and design of heat engines and other thermal energy conversion processes within an environmental framework; Steam power plants, gas cycles in internal combustion engines, gas turbines and jet engines. Fossil fuel combustion, alternative fuel combustions, fusion processes and introduction to advanced systems of fuel cells.


MIE313 – Heat and Mass Transfer

Exact and numerical analysis of steady and transient conduction in solids. Solutions of one-dimensional and multidimensional systems. Principles of convection and solutions under laminar and turbulent flow over flat plates and inside and over pipes. Free convection. Thermal radiation between multiple black and grey surfaces.

MIE1233 – Flow and transport through porous media

Fundamentals of flow phenomena in porous media, including pore structure, porosity, permeability, anisotropy, capillarity, drainage/imbibition and diffusion. Single-phase flow and immiscible multiphase flow will be discussed, including saturation and relative permeability. Experimental and numerical techniques for material characterization, such as Fractal Dimension, will be covered. Selected numerical modelling techniques will also be included.